Why I Enjoy Christmas Shopping

Around this time of year, I often hear people complain about Christmas shopping, and I understand it – I do. Christmas shopping is expensive, and very few people have much for disposable income nowadays. Not only that, but the malls are crowded, people are cranky and stressed, and the parking lots that greet us on our way to shopping are simply insane.

But, all the same, I love Christmas shopping.

Even when I don’t have much money to spend, I still love it. It makes my December season feel complete, even if I do come back feeling tired, my feet aching.

I love going into the mall with a goal in mind – a mission that I’m going to buy a gift for this person in my life, so what would they like? Have I heard them mention anything recently that they want? Oh, look, that reminds me of them, I can see them liking that!

I love those moments when I stumble into a store and find the perfect thing – something that I know my loved one will appreciate, and that I know falls within my price range. Shopping is fun already, but whenever I find the perfect thing, something that I just can’t wait to watch them unwrap and discover, I leave the store just a little bit prouder, with just a bit more of a spring in my step.

I love going to the malls and seeing other people Christmas shopping, too. I love going into jewellery stores and seeing men looking through charms or necklaces for women. It always makes me wonder who they’re there for. Are they shopping for their girlfriends? Their daughters? Their mothers? Themselves? Is this their perfect thing? Will they be leaving the jewellery store with a new spring in their step, like I will be? I hope they will.

I love when I get to speak to salespeople who are cheery and filled with holiday spirit – because I know it’s a difficult time of year for them. I know that they’re busy, and that customers can be cranky, but when I get to speak to one who’s particularly helpful or conversational, and who parts from me with a smile and a wish for a “happy holiday”, it does make me feel a little bit cheerier.

I understand why there are so many people who disagree with me – I do. Christmas shopping can be a pain to certain people, and I get that. But all the same, my holiday season would not be complete without it.

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