Happy October 1st!

Somehow, I manage to go most of the day without noticing it.

I go about my business. I write my essay. I make myself an extravagant snack because I have the time and I deserve it. It’s a normal day for me.

Or, at least, it is, until a cursory glance at my calendar informs me what day it is.

It’s October 1st, I realize, my mind skimming ineffectually over the date with no real concern. It’s just another average, boring day.

Except it isn’t.

It’s October 1st.

Slowly, gradually, a small smile begins to crack across my porcelain face.

It’s October 1st.

My smile deepens. It grows into a laugh, a cackle, a witch’s screech and a black cat’s hiss, as she rides across the inky night on her broomstick.

It’s October 1st.

I rise to my feet, approach the black throne that has been awaiting me a whole year now. It’s been so long. Too long. I ready to return.

It’s October 1st.

I allow my flesh to fall to my feet, shed as easy as a gown, and all that is left is a naked skeleton of glistening, white bone. This is my throne. This is my world. I am ready to return to it.

It’s October 1st.

I settle into my throne, comfortable and prepared for the month to come. I think I’ll start with something good – a classic, I think. I think I’ll start with A Nightmare on Elm Street.

I switch on the TV, and the screen is filled with the familiar images of blood and gore, of a sadistic killer stalking down innocent children with the intentions of ripping them to lifeless pieces.

It’s good to be back.

It’s October 1st. And one month from now, it will be Halloween.

But, oh, the fun I will have until then!


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